How to grow hydroponic Cilentro?

As I mentioned in this recently published article, the main reason I acquired my Letpot LPH-Max hydroponic system was to be able to grow Coriander in it

After an initial failure (attempting to germinate whole coriander seeds directly in the Letpot), I therefore resumed the task using the method recommended by the YouTube channel Aerogarden Experiments, which is presented in the video below:

In my case, I used the “Cilantro Slow Bolt” seeds that I purchased on Amazon (9.99$ for 274 seeds as of August 2023

So, here are the steps to grow coriander in a Letpot or Aerogarden-type hydroponic system:

  • Separate each coriander seed into two by crushing them or using your nails.
  • Place the coriander seeds on a paper towel, spacing them a few centimeters apart to prevent mold from spreading to other seeds in case some of them rot
Coriander seeds split in half on a paper towel.
Moistened paper towel containing coriander seeds.
  • Moisten the paper towel
  • Fold the paper towel in half.
  • Place the paper towel in a resealable plastic bag, such as a “Ziploc” bag.
  • Close the bag, leaving a corner slightly open (to allow for air circulation)
The coriander seeds in the resealable plastic Ziploc bag. One corner has not been sealed to allow for air circulation
  • Place the bag in darkness (e.g., in a cupboard) for a period of 2 days.
  • Ouvrir le sac et vérifier l’état des graines
  • Open the bag and check the condition of the seeds.
  • Once the coriander seeds have sprouted, and the root length is sufficient, place 2-3 of them in each of the sponges of your Letpot or Aerogarden hydroponic system, making an incision along the length of the sponge if necessary to insert the seedlings more easily (the roots should be positioned downwards).”
Germination status of coriander seeds after 5 days

Note: Coriander seeds should typically germinate in about 3 days. After 5 to 7 days, the root length should be sufficient to allow planting the seedlings in your Letpot or Aerogarden hydroponic system.

The coriander seedlings in their hydroponic growth sponge
The young coriander sprouts in the Letpot LPH-MAX hydroponic system.

According to this method, there should be approximately twenty days between the start of coriander seed germination and the beginning of the harvest.

I will insert photos of the growth of my coriander plants here in the coming days

First photo taken approximately 5 days after transplanting into the Letpot LPH-MAX hydroponic system.

Appearance of the cilentro leaves after 9 days.

Coriander leaves in Letpot LPH-Max hydroponic system

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