It’s been a very long time since I took the time to write on my blog. I’m coming back today with the trial of the LetPot LPH-Max hydroponic culture system LetPot LPH-Max.

Why try such a system? Because I have been looking for a simple solution for some time now to always have fresh coriander at hand throughout the year to accompany my meals. I love coriander!!!

I know, it’s either love or hate for this herb! There’s no middle ground here, as it seems to be genetic. According to different regions around the world, 10% to 20% of the population would hate coriander. For these people, coriander would smell and taste like soap… Poor them.


Hydroponics has several advantages:

  • Clean, no soil to handle
  • No frequent watering
  • Year-round cultivation
  • Fast growth
  • High productivity
  • Absence of pests and diseases

But of course, I won’t limit myself to growing only cilantro. Lettuce and dwarf tomatoes will also be on the menu. Although I’m certainly not aiming for food self-sufficiency with this setup 🙂 , I will take the opportunity to increase my consumption of fresh herbs and vegetables and, above all, to experiment.

Note: Later on, I learned from doing research that starting cilantro seeds directly in the hydroponic system was not the best method.

For better results with cilantro, I invite you to watch the video below where they explain that you first need to divide the seeds and germinate them on a moist paper towel in the dark before transplanting them into an hydroponic system like Aerogarden or Letpot.

Cultivation of Coriander in an Aerogarden Hydroponic System


This intelligent hydroponic garden system with 21 pods is similar to several other products available on the market, especially those from the reputable company Aerogarden.

However, the price of the Letpot LPH-MAX, its large capacity of 21 pods, and its overall rating (4.2 out of 5) on Amazon convinced me to choose this model.

Indeed, I had the opportunity to purchase my Letpot LPH-MAX at a 20% discount during the Amazon Prime Day, priced at $239.99. The regular price is usually around $299.99, but it is often possible to benefit from discount coupons of $20 or more. Here is the link to get the Letpot LPH-Max on Amazon (sponsored link).




  • Control and display screen directly on the device or via the WiFi application.
  • Automatic refill capability.
  • 36W automatic LED lighting system with 8 intensity levels, featuring herb & vegetable mode and fruit & flower mode. Manually adjustable height of up to 19 inches (48 cm). Lighting period can be adjusted from the screen or the application.
  • Automatic circulation system (pump)

Letpot mobile application

Its reservoir can hold 7.5 liters of water and allows for cultivating up to 21 plants. Naturally, depending on the projected size of the varieties once matured, it may not be necessary to use all of them at once. However, the available space allows for growing varieties that require a bit more room. Additionally, it is also possible to acquire a specially designed set to cultivate only two plants of larger sizes.

Letpot Max’s Hydroponic Growth Tray for Larger Plants

According to the manufacturer’s claims, its system would enable plants grown in its hydroponic system to grow 40% faster.

It can be used during the winter to have fresh herbs at hand or to start seedlings before the planting season arrives. The quality of the lighting prevents the plants from becoming leggy.


The startup of the system is relatively simple. Just plug the device into the wall, fill the water reservoir, add nutrients to the water (A and B fertilizers) in equal quantity, place the seeds in the small sponges, and install them in their capsules, covering them with their transparent germination lids.

If you opt for the automatic mode, the Letpot can automatically add water when the level is low and inject nutrients from its nutrient reservoir. The external reservoir is not included, so you will need to use a container or a receptacle placed below the level of the Letpot hydroponic garden.

For more detailed information on how to start the product, I invite you to consult the user guide below



  • Robust and powerful lighting system
  • Economical compared to those of other brands such as Aerogarden
  • Very sturdy lighting support
  • The application works well (no connection issues)


  • Absence of shade covers to prevent algae growth in unused pods (according to an email received from the manufacturer this week, stickers will be provided in future kits). However, it is possible to purchase covers on Amazon that are not specifically designed for Letpot but are compatible.
  • No support rods included for larger plants (will also be included in future kits according to the same email).
  • I am not sure what the sponges are made of. Are they made of peat moss or synthetic material? It’s not very clear. I wouldn’t want to contribute to unnecessary pollution. Since it is not recommended to reuse them to avoid the development of bacteria and mold, I will make sure to get sponges made of peat moss or coco coir.
Algae formation in the Letpot LPH-MAX hydroponics system

The absence of shade covers for unused pods promotes algae growth


With excitement, I proceeded to sow my Letpot LPH-MAX hydroponic garden with different seed varieties.

Here are the seed varieties with which I started:

After 3 days, the lettuces started to sprout.

Laitue hydroponique après 4 jours de croissance dans le système de jardin intelligent Letpot LPH-Max similaire à celui de Aerogarden

Lettuces after 4 days

Laitue hydroponique poussant dans un système de jardin intelligent Letpot-Max

Lettuces after 17 days

After about 8 days, it was the turn of the tomatoes

Tomatoes after 17 days

So far, I consider the experience as truly positive, given the success I have had with my lettuces. The growth of the small tomato plant is also very encouraging, and I am eager to see where it will lead us.

Clearly, cilantro will not be able to germinate in the hydroponic system, so I will have to use the external germination technique before transplanting the seedlings into the Letpot.

The Letpot LPH-MAX hydroponic system fully satisfies me. Of course, the coming months will allow me to form a better opinion, but currently, I have no complaints about the product. It is of high quality, robust, and the application works well.

An interesting thing to know is that there is an community of Letpot hydroponic system users called “Letpot Group” on Facebook. This makes it a valuable resource to consult and get answers to any questions.

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