Rise Gardens Roma hydroponic garden

Rise Gardens hydroponic system: Rise Roma and price increase

A few days ago, the company Rise Gardens announced the launch of a brand new home hydroponic gardening system model that they describe as revolutionary: the “Rise Roma”.

Heavily inspired by the Rise Garden model, it allows you to grow plants that can reach up to 96 cm (38 inches) in height. With this space, there’s no need to limit yourself to growing cherry tomato plants!!!

Système hydroponique pour la maison Rise Garden Roma
The Rise Roma hydroponic system is equipped with a support that can accommodate larger plants.

Among the vegetable varieties that can be cultivated in the Rise Roma system, you’ll naturally find Roma tomatoes and other delicious tomato varieties, eggplants, cucumbers, bell peppers, miniature varieties of fig and lime trees.

The Rise Roma is equipped with a fully adjustable 200W full-spectrum lighting system, a 9-gallon (34-liter) water reservoir, and a support system capable of accommodating large plants.

According to the manufacturer, this new hydroponic system is capable of producing up to 400 pounds (180 kg) of harvest per year.

Système hydroponique pour la maison Rise Garden Roma pour faire pousser des plans de tomates
Rise Roma Hydroponic Gardening System by Rise Garden

It is currently available for pre-order at a price of $1,679, which is comparable to the price of the two-tier Rise Garden.

It is also possible to transform a Rise Garden (not the first generation) into the “Rise Roma” by pre-ordering an extension kit for $600, which will be shipped next March.

The different models of Rise Gardens hydroponic gardens

Here are the technical specifications of the Rise Roma in an image:

Lancement Rise Gardens Rise Roma spécialement conçu pour la culture des tomates hydroponique à la maison
Le Rise Roma
Rise Gardens hydroponic Family garden
Regular 2 and 3-tier Rise Garden

Rise Gardens has also increased its prices on its website for its Rise Garden hydroponic system models.

The new prices are as follows:


1-tier Rise Garden

2-tier Rise Garden

3-tier Rise Garden

Original CAD price




New CAD price

1079$ – 8% increase

1529$ – 9% increase

1979$ – 10% increase

As we can see, inflation is being felt at all levels, not just in the grocery basket!

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